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Perform at
your best
with Postgres

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Join us for this webinar and we will show you how to perform at your best with Postgres

Database performance is essential for good customer experiences, business continuity and technical operations.

But what are the core issues for database performance and scalability and how do you respond to them effectively?

Ranging from short and stable response times to scalability of throughput or the amount of processed data, there are many factors to consider to ensure your business operations run continuously.

This webinar is relevant for you with a role of eg. Developer, DBA, Architect, Infrastructure, Application Specialist etc. You will meet Postgres Evangelist Piotr Kolodziej from EDB who will guide you to how you can perform at your best with Postgres.

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Key takeaways


Concepts and goals of high performance


Foundations of achieving a high performance database: database design, application code and architecture, database features, infrastructure and more


Postgres performance management framework with EDB tools


How database design or application code can impact performance and scalability

Meet Postgres Evangelist, Piotr Kolodziej

- Senior Sales Engineer at EDB

At this event you'll get a chance to meet Piotr Kolodziej who has almost 30-year professional experience focused on the applied relational database technologies. 

One of the key areas of his expertise is the system performance and scalability from the problem management perspective. He also contributed to many system designs and implementations being focused on the ability to achieve good performance at the minimal possible computing resource consumption.

He has hands-on experience relevant to the database performance as an onsite support engineer, consultant, database domain architect or programmer; at some point of his road he practiced as the system, network and application administrator. As the chief architect he was also responsible for capacity planning and management for a massive legacy system consolidation and modernization project.

Piotr strongly believes that Postgres is the right database engine choice for very broad scpope of the data management applications due to its scalability, diagnostics and tuning feature. However, he says that the database performance and scalability always begin and often end in the data model and the database layout as they set the practical limits to the pragmatics of use and ability to tune the SQL code.

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