Case Story: Krifa

“Trust is paramount when you outsource”

Brian Holm, Head of IT Operations, Krifa

Miracle 42 kundecase -  Krifa - Brian Holm

“Pricing and technology are important parameters when you outsource your backups, but confidence in your external partner is paramount,” the Head of IT Operations Brian Holm acknowledges regarding the choice of Miracle 42 as the company’s new backup vendor.

Read the story and see why Miracle 42 was the right choice for Krifa.

Miracle 42 kundecase -  Krifa - Brian Holm

Moving away from an outdated, expensive platform

An outdated backup solution that was too expensive to operate and maintain – this was the situation that encouraged Krifa, Denmark’s fourth-largest unemployment insurance fund and trade union, to make the decision to outsource its backup.

Brian Holm and Krifa’s management team drafted a list of 12 requirements for the future solution. Three of the country’s leading backup system providers were invited to bid on the task, including Miracle 42.

Convincing technology from CommVault

The fact that the existing backup solution had developed into a patchwork of three different platforms was a daunting technical challenge for Krifa. Therefore, it was important for them to obtain a modern, future-proof backup system that wouldn't regress into yet another patchwork solution.

The advanced CommVault backup technology featured in Miracle 42’s solution played a decisive role in Krifa’s decision. CommVault was crowned as the world’s technology leader in enterprise backup and recovery several years in a row by the IT analysis firm Gartner.

“CommVault always gets high scores in independent industry reviews and enjoys an incredibly strong overall reputation. Moreover, Miracle 42 demonstrated the platform to us, which convinced us that the CommVault-based system would be the best platform for us from a technical perspective, both now and in the future.”

– Brian Holm, Head of IT Operations, Krifa

Flexibility with a new price structure

In addition to the CommVault platform, Miracle 42’s flexible payment model and attractive prices also played an important role in Krifa’s final decision.

Krifa’s existing backup solution conferred the same cost level, regardless of the size of the backups. Switching to Miracle 42’s usage-based payment model allowed Krifa to find a solution where the company only needed pay for the actual amount of data backup up.

“Miracle 42’s payment model is flexible and transparent. Furthermore, Miracle 42 has competitive pricing for hosting and storage, and that means that we get more bang for our buck with the new backup solution,” says Brian about the financial considerations behind their decision.

Trust was the deciding factor

While technology and price were important factors for Krifa, Miracle 42’s overall approach was what ultimately swayed Brian Holm.

“Miracle 42’s solution actually meets all 12 of the criteria on our list, and we haven’t had to compromise on anything, but outsourcing is largely all about trusting the external partner.”

– Brian Holm, Head of IT Operations, Krifa

“Miracle 42 understands our needs. At the same time, they’re highly skilled and constructive and informal in their approach. This gives you peace of mind. It was definitely the combination of a strong technical solution, a competitive price structure, and especially our confidence in them that convinced us to choose Miracle 42,” Brian concludes.

Krifa – in brief

With approx. 207,000 customers, Krifa, which is an acronym for “Kristelig Fagforening” and “Kristelig a-kasse”, is both Denmark’s fourth-largest trade union and fourth-largest unemployment fund.

Krifa’s backup solution:

  • check Full managed backup as a service-løsning
  • check Hitachi Data Protection Suite powered by CommVault
  • check Backup-data secured at two seperate locations (locally at Krifa and off-site at Miracle 42)
  • check Transparent, competitive consumption-based settlement
  • check Backup policy based on Krifa's business needs

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